Shayla Lawson Has a Book Perfect for Our Country’s Current Moment

Shayla Lawson’s This Is Major is the perfect book for this moment.

The book’s a series of essays about Lawson’s experience as a Black woman in America. She takes you from growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood in Lexington, Ken., to living in Portland, Ore., and beyond.

Cover of Shayla Lawson's This Is Major.

This Is Major (paid link) comes out as our country’s having another conversation about race. It’s a worthy discussion from which there has to be action.

We can’t keep putting up yard signs and going about our business. We have to change how the United States of America treats people of color.

We must implement governmental and societal changes to reduce, if not eliminate the impacts of systemic racism. Here’s an example of what our racist nation’s wrought on people of color.

According to the Federal Reserve, 28 percent of white Americans inherited money in 2016. Just eight percent of Black Americans and five percent of Hispanics received an inheritance. That’s disgusting and wrong.

In This Is Major, Lawson focuses mostly on racism in American life, the Black Girl Magic movement, and Diana Ross. Again, it’s the perfect book for our current moment.

Get your copy of This Is Major (paid link). Then let me know what you think!

P.S. Soon, I’ll interview Shayla on Bidwell Hollow.

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