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Multifamily Impact Council Case Study: Starting From Scratch to Successfully Launch and Grow an Impactful Newsletter

The Multifamily Impact Council (MIC) is a member-driven organization working to make multifamily impact investments a credible, widely accepted asset class. MIC aims to help increase global impact capital flow into affordable and sustainable rental housing in the U.S.

Multifamily Impact Council logo

MIC launched in May 2022. A month later, the organization tapped me to develop its newsletter.


Upon launching in May 2022, the Multifamily Impact Council faced the following challenges:

  • Lack of exposure: As a brand-new organization, MIC needed to get the word out about its existence to the impact investing and affordable housing industries.
  • Small audience: Outside of some MIC members and a small seed list, the organization didn’t have an established mailing list.
  • Minimal content: MIC didn’t have much content beyond its website when it first launched. What would the organization include in its newsletter?
  • Limited resources: MIC is a growing organization relying on a small team, making it challenging to publish a quality newsletter regularly.


To address these challenges, I worked with MIC to come up with a newsletter strategy that:

  • Tapped members: With a mix of guest columns and member interviews, MIC’s newsletter would provide relevant industry information while showcasing its members.
  • Focused on impact principles: MIC operates on seven impact principles. Each newsletter centered on one principle, giving each newsletter’s content focus while educating readers about MIC’s structure and purpose.
  • Published monthly: A monthly newsletter aligned with MIC’s resources yet showed up in subscribers’ inboxes frequently and regularly enough to be open and read.
  • Shared industry news: Recognizing an opportunity, we made MIC’s newsletter one of the few places to receive multifamily impact industry-related news.
  • Sent to inboxes and LinkedIn: There’s value in a business owning its email list, but as a new organization, MIC needed to reach industry players where they were. So, we sent the newsletter to subscribers’ inboxes while allowing people to receive it on LinkedIn.

Results and Impact

The effectiveness of the strategies and actions taken by the Multifamily Impact Council led to the following results:

  • Rapid subscriber growth: Subscribers to MIC’s newsletter went from the hundreds in June 2022 to more than 3,000 by fall 2023. Most importantly, subscribers include influential impact and affordable housing industry leaders and influencers.
  • Emails are read: More than 50% of MIC’s subscribers open and read every newsletter email.
  • Supporting organizational growth: The newsletter helps increase MIC’s LinkedIn following, increases website traffic, and contributes to member retention and growth.
  • Promoting flagship Framework: MIC launched the Multifamily Impact Framework™ in May 2023, an industry-leading operating system for multifamily impact investing in the U.S. MIC uses the newsletter to educate its audience about the Framework, leading to 11 organizations adopting the Framework as of Dec. 2023.


The Multifamily Impact Council’s experience proves that a newsletter can help an organization expand its audience and support its mission. MIC’s newsletter shows that you can start from scratch and build your newsletter into an influential, trusted voice within your industry.

Are you interested in how a newsletter can help your business? Let’s chat! I’d love to learn about your needs and goals and see what we can do together.