ColorZilla Helps You See All the Colors of the Web

ColorZilla is a tool I use so often, I sometimes fail to appreciate its utility. But it’s an amazing extension for your Chrome or Firefox browsers.

There are actually two parts to ColorZilla:

  • The browser extension
  • A color gradient generator

The browser extension is what I use, and it’s what I’m recommending to you. What does it do?

ColorZilla's browser extension in action.
ColorZilla’s browser extension in action.

ColorZilla for Firefox and Chrome lets you easily identify a color on a web page. The extension gives you both the RGB and Hex code for that color, so you can use it in your preferred design or graphics application.

For example, I sometimes use ColorZilla when making images for a website. I want to follow that site’s aesthetic, but I don’t know the website’s color codes or have the site owner’s brand palette.

Instead, I click on the ColorZilla extension to activate the tool. Then I click on the part of the web page featuring the color I want to sample, and that color’s Hex code is automatically copied to my computer’s clipboard.

Next, I go to Canva and use the copied code from ColorZilla to add the desired color to my image. The whole process takes less than five seconds.

If you make images or do any design work, you should give ColorZilla a try. Happy coloring!

Tool: ColorZilla for Firefox and Chrome

Cost: Free

Ideal for: Anyone who creates images.

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Tool Tip: ColorZilla, Advanced Colorful Goodies

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