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5 Things Mr. Darcy Would Do if He Ran Your Company’s Social Media

What would happen if Mr. Darcy – yes, the one from Pride and Prejudice – was hired to run your company’s social media?

Would he post swoon-worthy status updates on the importance of good manners in the workplace? Or, spend all day riding in a carriage?

We find out in this episode of Fictional Figures in Communications (#FicFigsComms).

How Mr. Darcy Would Run Your Social Media

An AI-generated image of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.
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  1. Long response times: If your followers post questions or comments, they expect to hear back from your company in a day or two. Too bad. Mr. Darcy replies only in hand-written letters that take 4-6 weeks from concept to delivery.
  2. Or no response at all: That is if Mr. Darcy even replies. Responding to comments is beneath Mr. Darcy, although he sometimes breaks out quill and ink to reply via letter when the commenter is of equal status.
  3. In-person networking preferred: Mr. Darcy finds social media off-putting. Networking online? “Spare me,” says Mr. Darcy.
  4. Data hata’: Base decisions on metrics and data? Absolutely not. Mr. Darcy knows what’s best, and he won’t let a bunch of numbers tell him otherwise.
  5. All-knowing Darcy: Likewise, Mr. Darcy refuses help from technology. Ask AI to trigger ideas and inspiration? Use newsletters and social media to stay current? “Atrocious,” says Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Darcy is good at many things, like being aloof or staying relevant 211 years after his creation.

But you wouldn’t hire Mr. Darcy to run your company’s social media accounts. And, yet, that’s what some businesses do when they tap non-communications and marketing people to post on their behalf.

Don’t let your social media presence become a period drama.

Ensure you have someone managing your social media who’s responsive, willing to adapt, experiment, and who can navigate algorithms and analyze metrics.

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