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About Nick Barron

Growing up on a Missouri farm, I dreamt of being a newspaper reporter, and that’s what I went to school to be. Then, I realized I couldn’t afford to pay my student loans on a journalist’s salary. 

So, I pivoted to communications and have spent my 17-year career helping organizations engage and grow their audiences. And now, I’d like to help your brand do the same with an email newsletter that people actually read.

My journalism training, professional experience, and farm kid work ethic make up my special sauce. Let me show you what a newsletter can do for your organization.

When not building brands’ newsletters, I enjoy creative writing, reading books, traveling, and publishing a newsletter about new books. Also, my husband and I love throwing dinner parties at our home in Washington, D.C.

Nick Barron

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A Little More About Me

Currently reading: The Devil and Mrs. Davenport by Paulette Kennedy (3/5/24)

Favorite city: Dublin

Favorite sports team: St. Louis Cardinals

Favorite food: popcorn

Favorite exercise: running