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A New Newsletter to Entertain and Inspire Creatives

It’s easy to think everything that should exist does exist. But then you try to find something you need and can’t.

I searched and searched for some way to get a regularly updated list of artist profiles, interviews, and stuff about people creating art.

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Some media outlets and newsletters publish this type of content, but they focus on one art form. This place does author interviews. This place talks to filmmakers. I’m a writer, but I get inspiration and guidance from artists of many mediums.

And it’s hard to read/watch/listen to everything. I wanted someplace that regularly curated content about creatives and their art, regardless of form.

But I couldn’t find that thing, so I started doing it myself. Then I wondered if others were looking for something like this, too.

Introducing Eightish, a newsletter to entertain and inspire creative people.

Each week, I compile a list of eight or so things that helped me as an artist. Think of an author interview, a profile of an actor, or maybe even a video of someone painting.

Also, movie trailers! Because movie trailers can be fun to watch and get you feeling the feels.

Check out the first issue of Eightish to see what I mean. And if you enjoy it, go ahead and subscribe.

You’ll get an email like this one from me every Thursday morning. No spam, marketing stuff, or any of that junk. Just things that helped me creatively throughout the week that also might help you. Presented in a fun, laid-back way.

And you can earn points by referring others to Eightish. You’ll join Club Eightish when you do, a referral program launching soon that will reward you with free stuff the more points you earn.

Come because you’re curious, and I hope you’ll find a reason to subscribe to Eightish. Then maybe you tell others about it.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to get Eightish? If so, subscribe below.

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