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20 Most Popular Books June 2017

The summer reading season is in full swing, according to the Most Popular Books June 2017 list. Beach reads and books made into summer movies make an appearance on the list.Image of an island surrounded by water at sunset underneath the words "20 Most Popular Books June 2017."

For example, “Captain Underpants” is at third on the list. An animated movie, perfect popcorn summer fare, debuted on June 2. And that ultimate summer read, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” rose five spots to number 10.

In other book-to-movie news, “Sword Art Online” shot up nine spots. The English trailer for the next Sword Art movie, “Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale,” was released on May 30.

And two books return to the most popular books list because their movie versions were released on DVD at the end of May: “The Shack” and “Before I Fall.” Movies for both books hit theaters in March. That month, “The Shack” hit number two and “Before I Fall” was third on the most popular books list.

Mostly holding its own is Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods.” The first season of the book’s TV version finished airing in June.

The season finale for “American Gods” is tomorrow, so it’s possible we’ll see the book dropping off the list in June.

And interestingly, “Big Little Lies” returns to the most popular books list. The book’s HBO miniseries finished airing in April. So why did the book make a comeback in June? Perhaps media coverage explains the reappearance.

There was media coverage of Nicole Kidman talking about a filming abuse scenes in the miniseries. Plus, Kidman’s co-star in the miniseries, Alexander Skarsgard talked about the possibility of the show having a second season, as did the show’s writer and executive producer, David E. Kelley.

Looking for summer reading ideas? Check out the most popular books list below.

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Based on Google search data for the United States.

1) The Bible
2) Thirteen Reasons Why
3) Captain Underpants ↑3
4) Quran ↑4
5) American Gods ↓1
6) Hamilton ↑6
7) Sword Art Online ↑9
8) 1984 ↑2
9) Romeo and Juliet ↓6
10) Fifty Shades of Grey ↑5
11) The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity NEW
12) The Lord of the Rings ↑8
13) Fifty Shades Darker ↓2
14) The Handmaid’s Tale ↑3
15) The Great Gatsby ↓9
16) Before I Fall NEW
17) Half Girlfriend ↓8
18) To Kill a Mockingbird ↓13
19) The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts NEW
20) Big Little Lies NEW

Image of an island surrounded by water at sunset underneath the words "20 Most Popular Books June 2017."