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Have a book you’d like reviewed on Please read these submission guidelines carefully before requesting a review. Photo showing a notepad stacked on top of two books sitting on a wooden step.

Categories: All categories of fiction are accepted except the following: children’s, erotica, and romance. All categories of non-fiction are accepted except the following: business/finance, cooking/food, parenting, and religion.

Book format: Books must be available for review in PDF or Kindle formats or through NetGalley.

Lead time: If you want a review to coincide with your book’s release date, please submit your review request at least three months before the release date. Please state the book’s scheduled release date in your review request.

No guarantees: Requesting a review does not obligate Nicholas E. Barron or a designated writer for to review the book. Providing Nicholas E. Barron or a designated writer for with a piece to review does not guarantee a review of that work will be published on Nicholas E. Barron or a designated writer for reserves the right to refuse a review of any work for any reason, even if he/they previously committed to reviewing the piece.

You can learn more by reading the Disclosures and Transparency page.

Giveaways: If you want to make some copies of your book available as a giveaway to readers, be sure to state this in your pitch email.

How to submit:

  1. Read the above submission guidelines.
  2. Read the disclosures and transparency.
  3. Email a short pitch to nick at nicholasebarron dot com.