What were the most popular books in February 2017? Below are the 20 books searched for the most on Google in the United States last month.Image of snow behind the words "20 Most Popular Books in February 2017."

Movies based on three of the most popular books were released in February. These books are “Fifty Shades Darker,” “The Space Between Us,” and “The Shack.” And a movie based on a fourth book, Sword Art Online, was released March 1.

TV shows based on two of the most popular books drove those titles to the top of the most-searched list.

Big Little Lies” debuts on the top 20 list after its TV version premiered on HBO last month. And “The Magicians” appears again, although the title did slip six points. The book’s TV version’s season two premiered Jan. 25, 2017.

Update: The list of most popular books for March 2017 is now available.

The biggest gainers on the list were “The Great Gatsby” and “Romeo and Juliet.” The latter, a story of two tragic lovers, may have benefitted from Valentine’s Day. Could the holiday also explain Gatsby’s rise?

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The month’s largest drop comes from “The Girl on the Train.” The book slipped eight spots. This ends the book’s four-month run in the top 10, a sequence which began with the novel’s movie release in October.

A well-covered literary trend during the Trump Presidency has been the resurgence of dystopian novels. Two such works, “1984” and “Lord of the Flies,” made the most popular books list last month.

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Most Searched Books February 2017

For the United States, according to Google

1) The Bible
2) Fifty Shades Darker ↑1
3) Fifty Shades of Grey ↑2
4) The Space Between Us NEW
5) The Great Gatsby ↑7
6) To Kill a Mockingbird ↑4
7) Quran ↑1
8) Romeo and Juliet ↑7
9) Hamilton ↓3
10) 1984 ↓1
11) MacBeth ↑6
12) Big Little Lies NEW
13) Sword Art Online ↑6
14) Hamlet ↑4
15) The Girl on the Train ↓8
16) Frankenstein NEW
17) The Magicians ↓6
18) The Lord of the Rings NEW
19) Lord of the Flies NEW
20) The Shack NEW