May 2020 holidays have something for moms and gardeners. But there are some opportunities to recognize those fighting on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

First responders and nurses are helping treat people with the novel coronavirus. First responders are emergency medical services folks that include police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics. They show up when you call 9-1-1. In this crisis, they’re transporting infected patients to hospitals.

Header: "Thanking COVID-19's Frontline Fighters." Body: "May 2020 holidays dedicated to nurses and first responders, May 4 International Firefighters Day; May 6-12 National Nurses Week; May 10-16 National Police Week; May 12 International Nurses Day; May 17-23 National Emergency Medical Services Week."

And nurses, along with doctors, step-in once a patient arrives at the hospital. If you’ve ever experienced hospitalization, you know nurses are crucial to ensuring everything from your comfort to your healing.

In other words, nurses and first responders can’t stay-at-home and social distance. Their job is to help us when we get sick. Because of that mission, these workers are falling ill, too.

The best thing officials say we can do to protect medical workers is to limit the spread of COVID-19. So, let’s obey stay-at-home orders and guidelines and practice social distancing when we must go out.

But some May 2020 holidays allow content marketers to do a little more.

May 2020 Holidays for Nurses, First Responders

There are weeks and days in May for recognizing firefighters, police, nurses, and emergency medical services:

  • May 4
    • International Firefighters Day (#InternationalFirefightersDay)
  • May 6-12
    • National Nurses Week (#NationalNursesWeek)
  • May 10-16
    • National Police Week (#PoliceWeek)
  • May 12
    • International Nurses Day (#NursesDay)
  • May 17-23
    • National Emergency Medical Services Week (#EMSWeek)

Given the pandemic, organizers canceled many events planned for these special days and weeks. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use digital content to thank nurses and first responders.

Of course, our healthcare professionals are busy. Some are working 12-15 hour shifts, if not longer, trying to save lives and stem the spread of COVID-19. So, it may seem silly to create content thanking these workers while they’re fighting a war.

But people and organizations are already thanking healthcare professions:

And everyone likes to be seen, to have others acknowledge their efforts. Seeing people give thanks surely gives an emotional boost to first responders, nurses, and doctors. And some May 2020 holidays give us a perfect time to do so.

There are some guidelines, though, if you’re considering brand-backed content around these special days. Keep these in mind as you craft your campaign and messages:

  • Don’t sell. These opportunities are about recognizing the work of nurses and first responders. They’re not a chance to promote your products or services.
  • Stick to your brand voice. If weighing-in on these holidays feels out-of-place with your brand, don’t do it.
  • Be genuine. A crafty joke can often grab attention, but it’s a thin line to walk in a crisis. People are more likely to see your wittiness as inappropriate than they are to think it’s genius. Go for heartfelt and gracious over funny.
  • Remember what’s most important. During this pandemic, we’re told the best way we can help first responders and nurses is to stay home. Don’t encourage people to partake in risky and ill-advised behaviors. 
  • Check your goal. Your objective should be to help others recognize and thank nurses and first responders. Rethink your campaign or messages if you feel they don’t push toward that aim. Anything else at this time is inappropriate and likely to get your brand negative attention.    

What can your brand do to recognize nurses and first responders? How can you thank those healthcare workers who are your customers?

Some May 2020 holidays give us a chance to thank healthcare professionals. But there are other opportunities brands can leverage in May that can be relevant and suitable, even during a pandemic.

May Is the Month of Mom

Mom’s make out well in May. Mother’s Day (#MothersDay) falls on May 10 this year. But did you know that National Clean Up Your Room Day (#CleanUpYourRoomDay) is also on May 10? 

There’s a strong chance you don’t live with your mother. And, if you do, hopefully, you’re beyond her having to ask you to clean your room. But how about your customers and your target audience? 

Maybe they’re mothers with children still at home, or they’re kids with messy bedrooms. Even if your audience is adult men, there’s an opportunity here. You can do your father customers a favor by letting them know that May 10 is Mother’s Day AND National Clean Up Your Room Day. 

Two more May 2020 holidays that could be for mom are International Day of Families (#FamilyDay) and No Dirty Dishes Day (#NoDirtyDishesDay). Family Day is on May 15, with No Dirty Dishes Day happening on May 18.

International Day of Families is a United Nations initiative to highlight the importance of and challenges to families. It’s a holiday with serious significance. But that doesn’t mean it can still be a content opportunity for your brand.

Maybe you’re an organization that helps moms or kids. Then International Day of Families is designed for you. If your company supports organizations that help families, #FamilyDay might be an excellent time to talk about that work. 

Avoid bragging, though. If your company donates to a family-centric nonprofit, for example, talk about the work the organization does. Put the spotlight more on whom you support and why, not on what or how you help them.

No Dirty Dishes Day shouldn’t be a holiday for moms. I suspect, though, that in many homes still today it’s mothers keeping their kitchen sinks clear. 

This means that on May 18, eight days after Mother’s Day and Clean Up Your Room Day, kids, fathers, and husbands can again do something nice for mom. And your brand can remind them to do so. 

These May 2020 holidays for mothers are especially necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. It might be harder for your customers to buy their mom flowers or get ingredients to cook their moms’ favorite meal. And in most states, they can’t take mom out to Mother’s Day lunch or dinner. They can, though, clean their bedrooms and wash the dirty dishes. 

How does Mother’s Day shift during this crisis, and what’s that impact on your brand messaging? What can your audience do to show mom their appreciation this year? 

Full List of May 2020 Holidays

May 2020 holidays give us a chance to recognize nurses, first responders, and mom. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of our healthcare professionals. And it shifts how many of us celebrate Mother’s Day.

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Still, there are opportunities for brands to create engaging, heartfelt content. Be genuine. Don’t sell. Remember what’s most important. Stick to your brand voice. And stay focused on your goal.

Following these guidelines will help you produce blog posts, newsletters, and social media that help others. That should be our goal, now more than ever. 

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