The goal of this website is to build a community around storytelling. This site’s primary focus isn’t on making money.

But, there are some ways I receive compensation through this website. This page explains the ways in which I may receive compensation. And this page explains how I adhere to a policy of transparency when it comes to my work.

Reviews on

I review books, story stories, and essays on this website. Some of the reviews I publish are works I choose to read on my own. For these reviews, I pay for access to the works.  In these cases, I will publish with my review a disclosure stating I was not asked to review the book. And that I received no direct compensation for reviewing the book.

Now and then a third-party will contact me, requesting I review a piece. This third-party can be, but is not limited to, authors, publishers, literary agents, publicists, and authors’ moms. In these cases,  I will publish with my review of that work a disclosure stating a third-party asked me to review the book.

Sometimes, a third-party requesting a review will provide me with a free copy of the work in question. In these cases, I will publish with my review of that piece a disclosure stating a third-party asked me to review it. And that I received free access to the piece for this purpose. (I will not disclose who contacted me asking for the review.)

Free access to the work I’m reviewing is the only form or type of compensation I will accept in exchange for reviewing a piece. I will not review a piece in exchange for money, meals, clothes, trips to outer space, etc.

Requesting that I review a piece does not obligate me to do so. Providing me with access to a piece does not guarantee I will publish a review of that work. And I reserve the right to refuse a review of any work for any reason, even if I previously committed to reviewing the piece.

All reviews are based on my opinion of the work I’m reviewing. I will not publish a positive or negative review in exchange for any form or type of compensation. My opinion is not for sale. 

I will not review pieces written or edited by my immediate family members, close friends, colleagues, business partners, employees, interns, or pets. If I review a work written or edited by someone I know, I will publish with my review of that piece a disclosure stating my relationship with that author or editor.

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