About Nicholas Barron

Hi, I’m Nicholas Barron, a freelance writer in Washington, DC. Nicholas Barron

I specialize in writing blog articles and newsletter copy. Plus, I run the literary newsletter, Bidwell Hollow. You can read more of my writing on Medium.

I live with my husband in DC’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Where I live now is far from the rural Missouri farm where I grew up. Which is why I like to get out into the country any chance I get.

In college, I was the editor-in-chief of the student newspaper. I’ve worked as a newspaper reporter, in public relations, and social media marketing.

Along with writing, I enjoy reading poetry, exercising, and trying to get things to grow in our little backyard garden. I’m also a proud uncle with photos of my niece and nephew ready to show you at a moment’s notice.

Pronouns: he, his, him 🏳️‍🌈

Favorite authors: Willa Cather, James Baldwin, Cormac McCarthy

Favorite poets: Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Frost, W. H. Auden

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